At WeTherapy, we aid the development of children with Autism – and train their families –
by providing ABA services throughout South Florida.

Our team of clinicians is comprised of skilled professionals, overseen by leaders specialized in the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder through the use of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Our diverse and experienced clinicians come from many educational and cultural backgrounds, but most importantly, the clinicians at WeTherapy share a unified vision— a field of Applied Behavior Analysis that provides quality services to families via a unified group of professionals.

Aileen Maderal

Regional Clinical Director
Aileen 3

What is the most important things you want families to know when they begin services with WeTherapy?

At WeTherapy our focus is to treat each child as an individual. Our focus is to learn how your child learns through the use of Applied Behavior Analysis. Our Individualized programming, results in the development of the most appropriate plan for each child. Ensuring that each child reaches their maximum potential.

How did you become interested in ABA/working with children, etc?

At a young age I knew I wanted to work with children. While in Elementary school, I studied ASL and volunteered to assist multiple ESE classrooms. Once I had to choose a career for myself, I became focused on making a larger impact in the community. I can recall thinking “I want to make a difference, but I didn’t know how’. During my third year at FIU I took my first ABA course and started an internship with one of the few companies open then. I felt extremely challenged. Holding a child’s future in your hands is an overwhelming feeling of responsibility. I endured my worries and started my first case. After working with my first client, I knew that my work had impacted the child’s entire family. The difference I made with that child was not at a large scale, but unexpectedly, it was enough for me to know I would never do anything else but practice ABA. The impact I made was bidirectional, it was personal, and it was real. I was driven to continue touching lives through the use of ABA.

What brought you to the South Florida area?

I was born and raised in Miami. Growing up and providing services in the same area has allowed me to connect with the community. The cultural diversity in Miami has played a large role in the development of my professional bilingual abilities. It has also provided me with exposure to various culturally specific values and beliefs.

What experiences brought you to WeTherapy?

After becoming a BCaBA, I searched for a new company to provide me with professional growth. I was working for a smaller company and felt I needed to continue growing professionally. I knew Adam Ventura, the founder of WeTherapy as he was my professor at FIU. Knowing that Adam was a professor at FIU placed more value in working alongside him and made it an easy decision to onboard with WeTherapy.

What further drove your connection to this community?

As I continued to work in the field of ABA, I was exposed mostly to children on the ASD spectrum. Many of my clients were non-verbal or Early Intervention cases. The focus for these cases was to immediately increase functional communication. When a child has no voice, no form of communication, and you provide them with one, there are no words to express the feeling. The child’s gratitude is truly expressed through their behavior. Enduring the challenging moments and focusing on the positive outcomes is what drove me to want a deeper connection to this community.

What is your passion outside of work?

My family is my world. Finding the balance between my two passions, ABA and my family, is how I spend most of my time off. I have a small, but united, Hispanic family that loves being together. Sharing unforgettable moments with my loved ones is where my heart is. Whether its running to soccer with my son, dancing to silly music with my daughter, or simply watching a movie with my mom, there is no better place to be. I am determined to be the best mother, daughter, sister, and wife, which ultimately has made me a better Behavior Analyst.

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