WeTherapy will provide other services in addition to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to children with autism spectrum disorder, including school-readiness programming and groups that focus on social skills.


Social skills are fundamental to successful integration in a variety of settings. Our social skills groups are designed to increase these skills as well as others. Each child will receive comprehensive social skills assessments in which deficits in specific areas will be identified and targeted through individualized programs for your child. In addition, your child will be systematically placed in a group lead by one of our highly skilled behavior therapists that will facilitate the acquisition of these critical social skills as well as promote the use of such skills through play-themed activities. Skills that will be taught during interactions with peers and adults include turn-taking, conversation initiation and maintenance, sharing and reciprocating.


This service is designed to promote school readiness in preschool-aged children. It focuses on the acquisition of the skills necessary for your child to be ready for kindergarten using an ABA approach. Each child will receive an individualized assessment and program and will work one-to-one and in groups with our highly trained clinicians. We will work on several skills, such as letter knowledge, phonological awareness, social skills, self-help skills, decoding, and gross and fine motor skills.


WeTherapy will offer group and one-to-one parent and teacher training on a variety of essential topics in applied behavior analysis (ABA). These trainings will be offered in person or online and are designed to promote an understanding of ABA principles and effective strategies that can help in a home and classroom setting.

We're Opening a Center in Coral Gables!September 2019

WeTherapy will open a state-of-the-art center-based program in the heart of Coral Gables, specializing in treating children with Autism.

New Center in Coral Gables Now OPEN!


WeTherapy's state-of-the-art center-based program in the heart of Coral Gables, specializes in treating children with Autism.